Important Information For Parents To-Be and Parents of Newborns

How To Name Your Newborn Baby

Many parents of newborns struggle with deciding on the right names.  Dr. Watson shares some practical tips and insights on naming your newborn infant, so that you can proceed with fresh perspectives and confidence in choosing a name your child can wear with honor.

How to know if your Newborn Baby has a Fever

Most parents misinterpret and overreact when they think their newborn infant has come down with a fever.  Dr. Watson shares some practical insights and common misunderstandings when it comes to fevers in infants, so that you can calmly proceed with your child’s well-being accordingly.

How to Tell a Fever from a Febrile Seizure

Most parents of newborn babies misunderstand fevers and febrile seizures.  Dr. Watson explains the differences and shares how to proceed practically while determining which your new baby is dealing with, if either.  Mr. & Mrs. Crabapple (Comedian Scott Wood) chime in for humor and levity.

How to Prepare Dads for Newborn Deliveries

Most dads are not naturals when it comes to the dos and don’ts of the delivery room and beyond.  Dr. Watson shares tips and tricks for newborn dads, so that they won’t be a hindrance and can better assist moms in the hospital and later at home. Mrs. Crabapple (Comedian Scott Wood) doesn’t disappoint with her cantankerous commentary.