Faize Mustafa-Infante, M.D.

Dr. Faize Patricia Mustafa-Infante grew up in Colombia, South America. Prior to starting medical school at the University of “El Bosque”, in Bogota- Colombia, around 18yo, she received her master as a teacher and worked at “La Presentacion” private elementary school for 2 years. After medical school she completed her postdoctoral training in pediatrics twice, fist time in her native country and one more time at White Memorial Medical Center in LA-California. She laughed when she said “ after many years of hard work, I felt great after completing medical school and being trained in pediatrics all over again in the USA”. Dr. Mustafa-Infante recognized that this hard work and education was the key for her long -term success and personal satisfaction.

Upon her arrival in California, Dr. Mustafa-Infante rapidly began to identify few gaps with respect to healthcare in certain areas and cities within San Bernardino County. Her first direct contact with the community, was working as a health educator helping in the designing and developing of HEAC (Healthy Eating Active Communities), an initiative along with the California Endowment. In this program she provided education towards the prevention of childhood obesity mainly in low -income communities. To be able to reach her goal she trained 25 health promoters “Promotoras” who belong to some underserved populations. She was able to enroll hundreds of families, educate them and follow their own progress. She felt like she made a difference in the life of these families and their children, which is very rewarding for her.

Dr. Mustafa-Infante has been in pediatrics for 15 years, she enjoys working with children, and teenagers, but definitively she loves her work with babies. Since day one of her medical school, it was clear to her that she wanted to do pediatrics.

She describes herself as a Latino doctor with a middle-eastern name carrying the spirited drive and strong family commitments of both heritages.
She is married to a Nephrologist, and she has two beautiful children, she thinks that parenting very active and busy kids has given her a great learning experience in her professional life. She is fluent in Spanish and enjoys doing stained glass art, reading, traveling, skating, drinking Colombian coffee and she spends her free time participating in medical missions in South America. Since 2008, every other year she works as a volunteer for Ayacucho-Medical Mission a non profit organization where she provided safe, evidence based, humanistic and culturally sensitive medical care, with the single goal to improve the health of those in greatest need. Also she likes to spend part of her free time as a volunteer in initiatives working toward childhood obesity like, HELP (Healthy Eating Lifestyle Program) at CHLA where she had the opportunity to run multiple teaching sessions and provided to previously identified families the opportunity to be enroll in a team under the care of obesity disease experts.

Dr. Mustafa-Infante looks excited when she mentioned that Mission Pediatrics is the perfect practice for her as a pediatrician and as a Mother; it has given her the opportunity to be a par-time provider and be able to enjoy her kids and family at the same time. Also, for her Mission Pediatrics is a strong, kind and solid group, all of the providers are board certified, and always ready to help our community.

Recently, Dr. Mustafa-Infante along with Dr. Timothy Watson, are the representatives for the American Academy of Pediatrics-CA2 for Riverside county ( 2015-2016), an initiative of the AAP working under the direction of Paula Whiteman, MD as a president. Also, Dr. Mustafa-Infante following the leadership of Dr. Edilberto Agas, participated in the Chapter Quality Network Asthma Phase 4, during the year of 2015, a project to improve care and outcomes of patients with Asthma disease, a nation initiative of the American Academy of Pediatrics.
Recently Dr. Mustafa-Infante is persuading the goal to become a Diplomate Doctor of the American Board of Obesity Medicine with the only goal to improve the quality of live and Obesity disease prevention in pediatrics population.

Recognizing Dr. Mustafa-Infante’s outstanding abilities and compassion for pediatric patients in underserved communities, Mission Pediatrics sought out Dr. Mustafa-Infante to join their team in late 2010 and have been honored by her committed presence and hard work ever since.

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