Suggested Reading

Many parents want to understand my philosophy of parenting. In short, I believe parenting is about sacrifice. Once a parent decides to be a parent, their own desires must fall into second place. The kids are the priority. I support the parent’s right to be a parent and to make informed decisions about their children. I would hope that those decisions are based on truth and not myth. I strongly support active parenting, e.g. the actual parent rearing the child as opposed to dumping that task upon gradparents, schools or daycares. But, I also recognize that parents today have many burdens that render ideals difficult to achieve.

Many of these books present views and concepts that I believe are both truthful and useful, but, as with all books, I cannot agree with every single concept. Generally, I am supportive of the ideas here. If you disagree or have other book suggestions, I encourage you to email me with them so we can begin a dialogue. Thanks for checking out this list.

– Dr. Watson

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child

By Marc Weissbluth, M.D.

One of the country’s leading researchers updates his revolutionary approach to solving–and preventing–your children’s sleep problems. Here Dr. Marc Weissbluth, a distinguished pediatrician and father of four, offers his groundbreaking program to ensure the best sleep for your child.




Autism’s False Prophets: Bad Science, Risky Medicine, and the Search for a Cure

By Paul A. Offit, M.D.

A London researcher was the first to assert that the combination measles-mumps-rubella vaccine known as MMR caused autism in children. Following this “discovery,” a handful of parents declared that a mercury-containing preservative in several vaccines was responsible for the disease.


Fast Food Nation: The Dark side of the All-American Meal

By Eric Schlosser

In 2001, Fast Food Nation was published to critical acclaim and became an international bestseller. Eric Schlosser’s exposé revealed how the fast food industry has altered the landscape of America, widened the gap between rich and poor, fueled an epidemic of obesity, and transformed food production throughout the world.



Hooked: New Science on How Casual Sex is Affecting Our Children

What does a three-pound brain have to do with one’s sex life? A lot, actually. Breakthroughs in the burgeoning field of neuroscience explain the impact of sex on the developing brains of adolescents and young adults. d reaching their full potential.